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Wisdom Wednesday – Check Out a New Kids Genealogy Blog

Check out my new Genealogy for Kids blog. This site will contain tips on how to get children interested in their family history. Check back often as hands-on projects will be added and read some kid guest author posts.


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Follow Friday – Generations of Stories

My follow Friday this week is a self-plug. I started another site to help people begin their research and most importantly, write their stories. The site is Generations of Stories.


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Part of my Generations business plan is to write and I am doing a lot of that in 2011. One site I began writing for at the very end of 2010 is HubPages. It will feature different things than what I post on my blogs for genealogical research and maybe I will branch out and write about raising twins and add tips on how to stay sane doing it. LOL! Check me out if you are in the Hub.


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Follow Friday sites

Here are a few great websites to check out this week. Happy New Year!

Lake Claremont Press reviews a new book being released this month called Oldest Chicago by David Witter. I will definitely be checking this out.

I may have mentioned this blog before but it is worth mentioning again. Chicago Landmarks Tour 2010 outlines the authors travels around our great city of Chicago in an attempt to visit every historical landmark.


Jen’s Adventures in Freelance Writing

My Generations business has blossomed more in the writing area than research and education in the last part of 2010. I decided to make freelance writing a larger part of my business in 2011 to reach some personal goals. To follow my journey, check me out on Jen’s Adventures in Freelance Writing.


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Tuesday’s Tip – Website resource

I am a contributing writer now for Demand Studios and providing quick, to the point, articles for If you go to their website and type in Jennifer Holik-Urban as a search term, my list of articles will appear.

While researching one of these articles I came across a new website that has a lot of great information. It is called ipl2:Information You Can Trust. It is an online library site that has specialized resources available. Give it a look when you have some free time.


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Follow Friday – some great posts

Life has been crazy the last two weeks. I have picked up a few writing jobs and between those and finishing my book the blogs have kind of fallen to the wayside. I did find three great posts to share this week. I hope you enjoy them!

Personal Past Meditations is one of my favorite blogs. Quirks of Fate is a great read.

a3Genealogy had a great post on Medical Genealogy this week.

Free Genealogy Tools has an interesting post about the History of Housekeeping.


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