Follow Friday – Genealogy Lists and Message Boards

19 Aug

A couple of days ago I got an email from a man searching the Ryslink, Tregler, Moravec families of Motycin, Bohemia. He said he saw my Tregler post on a message board from 2007. We have exchanged several emails and still have not found a connection but we may be closer thanks to some old research I pulled out of my files.

This man emailed me a picture of a family and on the back of the card it had the name Jaroslav Tregler. The picture was not of my family. Perhaps it was to be sent from Bohemia to Jaroslav Tregler and the family is the Ryslink family.

I did a lot of digging, started a family tree on my account for this Ryslink family and connected names like Blazek, Chroj and Moravec. I’m learning a lot about these families and where they lived in Chicago. Piecing together a puzzle which may show the Ryslink family is connected in a way to the Tregler family or they just knew each other in Motycin.

Are you on genealogy message boards and mailing lists? Did you post queries long ago before the advent of social media? You never know when you will get an email from one of those queries.

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4 responses to “Follow Friday – Genealogy Lists and Message Boards

  1. Jim Sanders

    January 29, 2012 at 8:20 am

    A 19th century photo album was returned to me (a descendant) due to a genealogy message board post I made. I’ve received a lot of help with genealogy message boards. See Genealogy Message Boards for more details.

    Regards, Jim


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