Tuesday’s Tip – Convert the Street Addresses in Chicago

16 Aug

Last week I was looking for two buildings from 1890-1910 in Chicago. I wanted to find out if they still existed and look at the property ownership of both. Visited the Maps section of room 434 in the Cook County Building located at 118 N. Clark Street. This is the same building that houses the Recorder’s Office. Ran upstairs and asked about these two addresses. They were not found but one looked as if it had been combined into a larger area.

When I said the addresses were from 1890-1910 not once did the man in the Plat Office downstairs or the woman in room 434 ask if I converted the addresses. Not sure what I’m talking about or need an address converter? Visit to view conversion tools.

In 1909 and 1911 the city of Chicago converted addresses to standardize street naming and numbering. It is important to know the prior address as well as the current address to locate deeds, placement on maps and other records.

It wasn’t until after I left the building and was on my way to a lunch that I realized I had not converted the addresses. I was so focused on the people, the buildings and the mystery that I left that part out! When I got home I did convert the addresses and found one of the buildings still exists. The other appears to no longer exists. But when I visit the Recorder’s Plat Office again I will know exactly where to look for property ownership.

Sometimes the thing we “know” to do escapes our mind because we are focused on too many other things.

Remember to convert those addresses!

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3 responses to “Tuesday’s Tip – Convert the Street Addresses in Chicago

  1. Theresa Casteel

    August 16, 2011 at 10:09 am

    I think Chicago changed their street names twice.
    I had the same problem with Cleveland. Then I found the city directories and went year by year to solve that mystery.
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)


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