Motivation Monday – NGS HSC Lesson 11

25 Jul

I realized I have not blogged much about my Chicago family recently. I have been working on a lot of client work and a house history.  Sitting here wondering where to start with my Chicago research again I realized it can begin with the NGS Home Study Course Lesson 11 – Migration and Census Analysis.

For this lesson I need to trace the migration route for one of my ancestral lines. The second part of this lesson is to analyze the census for one person in my family. I chose Joseph Kokoska b. 1881 in Chicago. I have to analyze two censuses, I choose 1900 and 1910, with Joseph in the home of his parents and one in his married home. I have to create an Excel chart of the census for 100 people around Joseph in both censuses then write a report about the differences between the years.

I’ll post about this assignment as I work through it because Joseph lived in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago at that time. Should be interesting!

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