Census Analysis NGS HSC Lesson 11

22 Jul

I completed my Excel sheet for the 1900 U.S. Census for Joseph Kokoska. The sheet lists 100+ people living around Joseph (b. 1881) and his parents on 18th Place in Chicago. I have not run numbers yet, only written down a few notes about what I see jumping out at me.

First, the neighborhood in 1900 was primarily from Austria. There are a few German families. Lots of Czech names. This group is younger meaning there are married couples in their early 30’s mostly with young children. Some older (40 years +) with kids around age 20. A few widowed and few borders. It will be interesting to see how this changes in 1910. Will the area still contain younger families or will it be a mix since some of the children will have grown, married and possibly started their own families.

Second, the occupations are very similar between the men and women. This part of the neighborhood did not have a great deal of diversity with jobs as reported. There are a few seamstresses, many laborers, a blacksmith, machinist, chair maker and milk man. There are also many kids in school.

Third, upon first glance, the majority of the married couples are immigrants who reported being in the county 10-20 years on average. Most report being naturalized.

Those are my initial thoughts. Next up, transcribing the 1910 U.S. Census for Joseph and his wife and kids into Excel so I can begin analysis on both.

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