Mappy Monday – I’m Presenting April 9

28 Mar

On Saturday, April 9th, I will be presenting “Visualizing Your Genealogical Data” at the Fountaindale Public Library’s Genealogy Day.  I will be discussing ways to view your data differently, overcome brick walls and further your research using Excel, OneNote, Maps and Blogging.

Did you know maps can help you tell a family member’s story even if you don’t have all the information? Take my Michael Kokoska and his service in WWI. I have no service records for him because of the fire at the NPRC. But I do know his unit and through the unit history and the World War I Order of Battle Books, I can trace where his unit served and map it out to get a general idea of where he “may” have served and what his service “may” have been like.

Think about using maps that way. It may lead you to a new record source or help you tell someone’s story in greater detail.

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